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Retail & Environments

Here at Two Eighteen, we know the importance of a compelling customer experience. In addition, we are aware of the impact an impressive store interface can have on sales and profitability. From the moment your customers walk through the door to when they leave with a bag full of items, we ensure they have the best possible shopping experience.


When customers experience pleasant retail environments, it is a known fact that they are more likely to become return buyers. As such, we are dedicated to designing a custom fabrication for your brand and business to attract customers over and over again. From the internal Feng Shui of how the furniture and aisles are arranged to the eye-catching graphic design of your brand, we leave no stone uncovered! 


Do you have a small stand-alone shop that needs to be redesigned? Or, perhaps you need a larger venue such as a mall or event public entertainment center customized? Our Two Eighteen retail team can create a custom fabrication for any retail space. Furthermore, we will ensure your brand theme is skillfully and tastefully incorporated throughout the facility to guarantee the brand story will positively impact your customers.

Our Retail services may include:

  • Innovative Retail Solutions

  • Compelling Graphic Design

  • World Renowned Technology

  • Complete Program Management

  • Customized Visual Experience

  • Retail Space Engineering

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Maintenance and Service

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