218 Events is one of the industry leading event agencies that specializes in live event production and experiential activations for some of the world's top brands. We focus on providing the highest quality production for events such as tradeshows, traveling exhibitions, experiential activations, and corporate events. Along with our main production services, we provide custom fabrication, fabric tent structures, event staffing, and post-event storage options for products and exhibits. We also have a dedicated team of design experts that specialize in providing experiential marketing assets and theming for physical environments such as retail and entertainment spaces. Learn more about all of the services that we offer at 218 by selecting a specific service below. 

218 Event Production Las Vegas


We specialize in tradeshows and creating innovative, memorable, and compelling tradeshow experiences. Our team of industry experts is highly experienced in tradeshow fabrication, tradeshow activations, and even successful tradeshow marketing. We are committed to high levels of communication and clear understanding throughout the conceptualization of your tradeshow through to the implementation of the event.

Experiential Activations

From smaller and more intimate events that last for a few days to massive gatherings that stretch on for a week or longer, our experiential design team is ready for any challenge. We are skilled at creating experiential activations designed to compel and move any audience for any size of event. 

218 Event Production Las Vegas
218 Event Production Las Vegas

Corporate Events

Whether you are planning an educational work event or a celebratory corporate event, our corporate event management team is ready to discuss your event requirement and preferences. There is no demand that is too much for our team, and we happily accept all challenges to guarantee your event is exactly as you need it to be. 

Retail & Theming

We know the importance of a compelling customer experience. In addition, we are aware of the impact an impressive store interface can have on sales and profitability. From the moment your customers walk through the door to when they leave with a bag full of items, we ensure they have the best possible shopping experience.

218 Event Production Las Vegas
218 Event Production Las Vegas

Fabric Tent Structures

We have access to a variety of fabric tent structures that are sure to meet the needs of your event. From the highly sought-after clear span tents to more circular geodesic tents or even personalized saddlespan tents, our production team has set up every kind of tent structure in the event industry. 


One of our favorite aspects of what we do is allowing our clients to sit back and watch their events unfold precisely as planned. We are dedicated to making sure you can pass off the reins so you can also enjoy the event you have worked hard to design. Therefore, we offer reliable event staffing for events of both larger and smaller scales. 

218 Event Production Las Vegas
218 Event Production Las Vegas


Behind every grand event is a safe and secure storage option for possible re-use of any production equipment. We are committed to keeping your event storage items intact and ready to use at any given moment. In addition, our storage facilities are equipped for tradeshow storage, exhibit storage, and even display storage items.

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